Asset and Investment Management

Asset and Investment Management



We find out the most suitable investment model according to your financial profile, providing the highest returns with an appropriate risk depending on your investment constraints.

An analysis of our clients’ needs is carried out and their financial concept is defined by taking into account their current and future obligations. By doing so, we establish the investor’s profile. Next, we recommend the appropriate strategy in order to offer the most suitable products and services suiting their tolerance or risk aversion.

Criteria for an optimal investment strategy:

  • Legal and fiscal aspects
  • Tolerance or risk aversion
  • Reference currency
  • Time horizon
  • Retirement planning
  • Family structure
  • Income needs

The investor profile is an innovative mathematical program that analyses the investor’s risk tolerance according to their personal needs by filling in several questions. Afterwards, the most appropriate investment strategy will be implemented for each client.

Based on the financial markets statistical data over the past years, we select the investment funds or direct investments that better fit the chosen strategy.

We have a complete and updated database that enables us to always select the best product from each market segment.

Both the investment weight and asset allocation will be periodically adjusted according to the qualitative criteria resulting from the investment committee held by the professionals of BGE Finance AG at least once every three months. This committee actively cooperates with the investment experts of Bruno Walter Finance SA (Montreux).

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